IEEE Computer Society India Symposium 2020

Envision the Future: Traversing through the Technologies of Tomorrow

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About The Event

The Computer Society India Symposium (CSIS) is one of the annual flagship events of the IEEE Computer Society Geographic Activities Committee. CSIS’20 will be a 2-day virtual symposium in accordance with the global pandemic hosted by the PICT IEEE Student Branch Computer Society Chapter. It will be conducted on 31st October and 1st November 2020. CSIS has students, real-time industry experts-young professionals and many other creative minds & dignitaries from different corners of India converging under one roof to share their valuable insights and experience. It is a deluge of professional talks, workshops, networking activities and technological innovations that bring s out the aficionado in delegates where one can carve their own niche. CSIS'20 waits with a bag full of surprises and a motive to enrich and ignite the skills of the upcoming innovators.


It's Virtual!


31st October 2020 and 1st November 2020

About IEEE Pune Section

The beautiful city of Pune, also known as "the Oxford of the East" has emerged to become one of the major Information Technology Hubs of India in the last few decades. IEEE Pune Section was established in the year 2010, before which it used to be a subsection under the IEEE Bombay Section. Since its formation, the section has made giant leaps to become one of India's finest sections with 38 student branches and more than 1500 members. The section has grabbed a wide range of prestigious recognitions from Region-10, including the R10 Best Membership Growth Medium Section Award and R10 Humanitarian Technology Activities Outstanding Section Award in the year 2019.

About IEEE Pune Section Computer Society Chapter

Mentored by Dr. Rajesh Ingle, IEEE Computer Society Pune Chapter has been at the forefront of disseminating knowledge about the latest technologies in the field of computing. The members share a common interest in the theory, practice and application of Computer Science, Information Technology and its allied fields. Over the years, the Chapter has conducted numerous events, workshops and sessions, with several prestigious Universities and Organizations like Google.

About PICT IEEE Student Branch

Founded in 1988, the IEEE Student Branch at Pune Institute of Computer Technology (PICT) has significantly emerged to gain the reputation of one of the best ones in the Pune Section. The recipient of the IEEE Exemplary Student Branch Award-2017, the branch has made huge strides in inculcating awareness among the youth regarding the latest technological trends and innovations. Providing youth with numerous concrete platforms and opportunities to exhibit and sharpen their skills has been an integral part of its vision. As a result of its constant efforts towards achieving excellence, the Student Branch bagged the Best Student Branch Award from the IEEE India Council in 2015 and the Best IEEE Student Branch Award (Pune Section) in the year 2019.

About PICT IEEE Computer Society Student Chapter

The IEEE Computer Society Student Branch Chapter of Pune Institute of Computer Technology (PICT) was inaugurated in 2012. It is playing an instrumental role in enhancing awareness among the student members about futuristic technologies by organizing a plethora of events like seminars, workshops, Expert talks, and hackathons. IEEE PICT CS Student Branch Chapter is one of the primary reasons for which the PICT Student Branch won the Best Student Branch Award-2015 from IEEE India Council.

Event Tracks

Gaming Technology

"The further you get into technology, the further you go into gaming. That's the general rule." - Nick Johnson
Gaming Technology is a new field of computing to develop games and foster the advancement of the same. Gesture Control, Voice Recognition, High-Quality Graphics, integration of AR-VR and much more, Game Tech has come a long way. From the classic Mario and Minesweeper to GTA and PubG, Gaming Technology has evolved and touched the lives of millions around the world. Enter the lands of groundbreaking thrills and step inside the world of technologies where the future trends lurk. Join us to travel through the emerging trends for a spellbinding journey through the future of technology.

Augmented & Virtual Reality

"Since we cannot change reality, let us change the eyes which see reality." - Nikos Kazantzakis
Often confused for being synonymous, Augmented & Virtual Reality are two fascinating pieces of technology the world has seen. Be it your favourite Snapchat filter or hunting for Pokemons in Pokemon Go, Augmented Reality has become a daily utility for many. Considered to be the future of Game Tech and even Healthcare Industries, Virtual Reality talks of immersion into a world that is different from the physical surroundings. Unlock the mysteries and outsmart challenges as you match your way through the magical moments created by technology. Discover with us the graphical enhancements and the sophisticated developments of a world we are keen to explore.

Cloud Computing

"Cloud Computing is not only the future of computing, but the present and the entire past of computing" - Larry Ellison
Cloud Computing simple means having on-demand availability of resources which are stored virtually, as opposed to physical devices like HDDs. It is often more secure than traditional computing, because companies can attract and retain cyber-security personnel of higher quality due to remote access.

Internet of Things

"The Internet of Things has the potential to change the world, just as the Internet did, maybe even more so." -Kevin Ashton
With more than 7 billion devices being connected to the internet, IoT plays a significant role in analyzing the performance of these devices and helping them to become smarter. Smart Cities and Smart Grid are two major and emerging concepts in IoT. Uncover the digital universe of everyday physical devices. From a smartwatch to a driverless car, blur the distinction between physical reality and digital realms. Soar to a land where your ideas and dreams sojourn and embark on an adventure of a lifetime. Welcome to the new era of smart devices!

Information Processing

"Computers are the central access; information processing based on a spiral network, similar to that which is the chaos of existence itself, the analysis of systems, the interlocking lokas." -Frederick Lenz
Information Processing plays an important role in organizing data as well as improvising its structure to ensure smooth and efficient functioning of programs. Even the human eyes receive visual information, which it then transfers to the brain in the form of electric neural signals. Travel across an exciting field that has paved the way for the technological era. Change the way everything works forever!

Drone Technology

"Drones overall will be more impactful than I think people recognize, in positive ways to help society." -Bill Gates
A drone is a pilotless aircraft which operates through technologies like computer vision, artificial intelligence, object avoidance tech, and many more. Nowadays drones are also driven by the Internet of Things. Remember the Drone Rancho was flying in 3 Idiots? Drone Technology is constantly evolving and discovering new levels. Join us to take part in this dynamic growth Delve into the enigmas of the technological world and experience the deftness of these flying mini robots

Quantum Computing

"The history of the universe is, in effect, a huge and ongoing quantum computation. The universe is a quantum computer." - Seth Lloyd
Quantum Computers can solve problems that are nearly impossible for traditional computers to solve. These computers are kept at extremely cold temperatures to ensure that the subatomic particles are as stationary as possible while being measured. Navigate to the nano-scale world! Watch the inextricably linked quantum particles dancing in perfect unison. Brace yourself to conquer the future technologies. Dive into the infinite world of the qubits and experience the most interesting computing techniques you have ever seen!


"Everything will be tokenized and connected by a blockchain one day." - Fred Ehrsam
In today’s world where threats posed by cyber attacks and abuses are extremely high, blockchain can ensure that our data is protected. It eliminates the need for middle men and services and brings transparency. Demystify the secrets behind Blockchain and enter into the future world of technology! Prepare for an electrifying ride to stretch the limits of your knowledge on a land of endless possibilities. Explore the new dimensions of cryptocurrency. Enjoy the fantastic journey filled with the technology that has made radical changes ever since it's dawn.

Event Schedule

Here is our event schedule

Inaugration Ceremony

Brenden Legros

Keynote Session 1. Dr. M. V. Pitke

How can India become a global leader in Communications

Hubert Hirthe

Keynote Session 2. Dr. Ashutosh Dutta

5G Networks and Security

Lunch Break

Jack Christiansen

Track Session 1. Krupalu Mehta

XR - Made in India

Jack Christiansen

Track Session 1. Jugal Porwal

Cloud Computing

Alejandrin Littel

Track Session 2. Vikrant Agarwal

Product Management and Analytics in the Gaming Industry

Alejandrin Littel

Track Session 2. Srikanth Chandrasekaran

The Impact of IEEE Standards on Internet of Things


Alejandrin Littel

Discussion with Young Professionals. Sandeep Deshmukh

Skills required in industry (as a fresher/professional)

Engagement Activity.

Fun Game Session or Ideathon Competition

Alejandrin Littel

Keynote Session 3. Akshay Saini

Building Resumes and Preparing for Job Interviews

Cultural Evening.

Virtual Cultural Activity

Keynote Session 4.

About IEEE and Benefits of IEEE and IEEE CS

Fun Session.

Fun Game Session / Quiz / Any Networking Activity

Cole Emmerich

Keynote Session 5. Vijay Talele

Entrepreneurship and Importance of Ecosystem for Promoting Entrepreneurship

Lunch Break.

Alejandrin Littel

Track Session 1. Takako Hashimoto

Efficient Text Big Data Mining Technology and Applications

Alejandrin Littel

Track Session 1. Dr. Sugata Gangopadhyay

Quantum Computing

Alejandrin Littel

Track Session 1. Dr. Manish Gupta

AI for India and Beyond

Willow Trantow

Track Session 2. Kanav Kumar

Drone Technology

Willow Trantow

Track Session 2. Dr. Padmaja Joshi

Blockchain / Security

Willow Trantow

Track Session 2. Rajwardhan Oak

Machine Learning in Industry: Challenges and Opportunities


Panel Discussion.

Paradigm Shift

Engagement Activity.

Virtual Tour of Pune

Closing Ceremony.

Closing Ceremony, Prize Distribution, Computer Society Compute 8 Launch

Event Speakers

Speaker 1

Srikanth Chandrasekaran

Senior Director, IEEE Foundational Technologies

Speaker 2

Vikrant Agarwal

Product Lead, Amazon Game Studios

Speaker 3

Takako Hashimoto

Vice President, Chiba University of Commerce

Speaker 4

Rajvardhan Oak

ML Engineer at Microsoft

Speaker 5

Krupalu Mehta

Co-founder & Director of Parallax Labs

Speaker 6

Akshay Saini

Software Engineer at Uber

Speaker 7

Dr. Manish Gupta

Director of Google Research India

Speaker 8

Dr. Sandeep Deshmukh

Founder & CEO at TeemGenie

Speaker 9

Jugal Porwal

Senior Cloud Engineer at Diebold Nixdorf

Speaker 10

Dr. Padmaja Joshi

Senior Director at CDAC, Mumbai

Speaker 11

Dr. Sugata Gangopadhyay

Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee

Speaker 12

Kanav Kumar

Co-founder & Business Head at Betterdrones

Speaker 13

Dr. Ashutosh Dutta

Senior Scientist and 5G Chief Strategist at Johns Hopkins University

Speaker 14

Vijay Talele

CEO of COEP’s Bhau Institute of Innovation

Speaker 15

Dr. M. V. Pitke

Professor(Retired) at Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai


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